MXE Fund

The Mexico Equity and Income Fund, Inc.

Closed-end Fund, listed on the NYSE and incorporated in August 1990.

The Fund's investment objective includes: (i) the Mexican equity and debt market universe, (ii) U.S. Treasuries, (iii) an investment of up to 10% in listed private equity, and (iv) 10% in Non-Mexican stocks that generate at least 50% of their total revenues in Mexico and are acquired through the International Trading System (SIC) of the Mexbol.

5-year average discount to its NAV as of June 30th, 2019: -11.78%

Value and growth stock investment strategy with particular emphasis on corporate governance and management efficiencies

2.00% for the six months ended January 2019.

A base fee, accrued daily at the annual rate of 1.00%, subject to a performance fee adjustment which increases or decreases the cost depending on how well the Fund has performed relative to the MSCI 12-month rolling average.

The performance fee adjustment is calculated using a monthly adjustment rate is limited to a 0.15% positive or negative adjustment.