Investment Vehicles

PAM’s Investment Philosophy seeks High-Quality Growth, and Special Situation Investments focused on company´s intrinsic value and qualitative analysis, mainly in the universe of the Mexican Stock Exchange through an active fundamental -bottom-up approach, intrinsic value.

High-Quality Growth Investments at Attractive Prices
  • Intrinsic value with a margin of safety
  • Organic and M&A accretion. Experienced-internationally competitive management.
  • Investment edge in LatAm and the USMCA trade block. (strong market position, solid balance sheet, and earnings growth visibility)
  • Total Annual Return: Dividend yield + share repurchase + stock appreciation
  • Profitability: FCF to Equity, ROE, ROIC, higher than company´s WACC, and eraning growth visibility
  • Solid Corporate Governance

Special Situation Investments- misunderstood by the market
  • High-quality business with a conceptual perception showing high discounts to its intrinsic value with a larger margin of safety
  • Cyclically depressed earnings
  • Market opportunities

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